Lámh Signs Online

Families, staff members and communication partners who have attended a Lámh Course can view video clips and details of Lámh signs demonstrated by Lámh sign experts.

These Lámh sign video clips are a part of your Lámh Course Training Pack, and are of most benefit when used alongside of the Lámh Handbook & Signbook you received from your Lámh Tutor.

Little Lámh - Introduction to Lámh Signs

  • If you would like to learn some introductory Lámh signs, why not try out our Little Lámh Signs? There is a nominal €2 one-off fee to access a number of introductory Lámh Signs. These signs on Little Lámh are not new signs, they are from the existing set of 500 signs and have been selected for those starting to use Lámh. New signs will be added to the full membership of Lámh Signs Online in the coming months.

Little Lámh Access